Business idea sent to Railway Minister by writing it on tissue paper, call came within 6 minutes, know the matter

By Sudhakar Yadav February 8, 2024 9:13 PM IST
Railway Minister Ashwini...- India TV Paisa
Photo:FILE Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav

shark tank india You must have seen many business pitches in (Shark Tank India). Entrepreneurs from across the country come to this program and pitch their business ideas to the Sharks. But currently a business pitch is much discussed. This business pitch was written in the airplane and the offer came just 6 minutes after the plane landed. Actually, Kolkata based entrepreneur Akshay Satnaliwala wanted to work on his business idea for a long time. But due to some problems this was not possible. His work was done when he saw the Railway Minister also traveling with him in the flight.

Determined to share business idea with Railway Minister

Akshay Satnaliwala was traveling in a Vistara flight from Delhi to Kolkata on 2 February. Then he saw that Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav was also traveling on that flight. Seeing the Railway Minister, he could not stop himself and wanted to share his business idea with him. But due to flight protocol and security, Akshay was not able to reach the Railway Minister.

Idea written on tissue paper and sent to Railway Minister

Akshay, the director of a waste management company, was determined not to miss this opportunity. He used a jugaad to convey his business idea to Ashwini Vaishnav. He took a tissue paper placed in front of him and wrote his business idea on it. After several efforts, Akshay was successful in delivering this tissue paper to the Railway Minister.

The call came after 6 minutes

When the flight lands and Akshay gets off the plane in Kolkata, he sees that he gets a call just 6 minutes later. This call was from the General Manager’s office of Eastern Railway Headquarters. Akshay was told that his business idea was good and GM Milind K Deuskar wanted to have a meeting with Akshay to discuss it. Akshay could not believe that the Railway Minister read his idea so carefully and also took action. According to sources, this business idea was related to transportation of large quantities of solid and plastic waste through railway route to help in dumping of waste.

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