Counting of animals like cow and buffalo will be done across the country, government is busy in preparation, know the benefits

By Sudhakar Yadav February 8, 2024 11:21 PM IST
Livestock Census- India TV Paisa
Photo: PIXABAY livestock census

21st livestock census: The government on Thursday said it is preparing to conduct the 21st livestock census across the country between September and December this year. The Union Ministry of Animal Husbandry and Dairying will conduct livestock census using mobile technology, as it will help in disseminating the data online. The ministry on Thursday held a meeting on the issue under the chairmanship of Animal Husbandry and Dairying Secretary Alka Upadhyay with senior officials and technical committee members from states and Union Territories. In a statement issued after the meeting, the ministry said, “The 21st livestock census is scheduled to be held in the year 2024 and it will be conducted with the participation of states and union territories during September-December 2024.” This count will estimate the total livestock population in the country. Livestock wealth will be known.

Counting will be done in all villages

This calculation will be done in all villages and urban wards. It includes various species of animals (cow-bull, buffalo, mithun, yak, sheep, goat, pig, horse, pony, mule, donkey, camel, dog, rabbit and elephant) by domestic, domestic enterprises and non-domestic enterprises. Reared poultry birds (hens, ducks and other poultry birds) will also be counted. This time in the livestock census, data related to the age and sex of the poultry bird and its breed will also be collected.

Livestock census is being done every five years since 1919.

India has been conducting livestock census every five years since 1919 to collect data related to animal husbandry sector. The last livestock census was conducted in the year 2019. Livestock census is a big door-to-door campaign. In this, data is collected by actually counting the pet animals and birds from every household, so that the total livestock wealth of the country can be estimated.

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