This is how Sundar Pichai starts his day, you can also become successful by following him. know how Sundar Pichai starts his day

By Sudhakar Yadav February 13, 2024 2:43 PM IST
Sundar Pichai - India TV Paisa
Photo:FILE Sundar Pichai

Most people start their day with exercise and reading books, but Google CEO Sundar Pichai starts his day with Techmeme, a tech website. Pichai is not the only person who starts his day with this website. Many other tech CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg, Satya Nadella and former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo have also admitted that they use this website.

What is TechMimi?

TechMeme is a tech aggregator website, founded in 2005 by Intel engineer Gabe Rivera. The specialty of this website is that on it you will find links to all mainstream media websites. Rivara says that Techmimi is such a website, with the help of which the content of any tech website available will reach you in an exclusive summary.

Pichai wakes up early

Apart from this, Sundar Pichai had told Recode in an interview in 2016 that he wakes up between 6:30 am and 7 am. Then read the physical copy of The Wall Street Journal and the online version of The New York Times. After this eat Amtel and take protein.

bard named jimini

Let us tell you, recently Sundar Pichai has announced to name Google’s AI chatbot Bard as Gemini. Gemini is considered to be the answer to Microsoft-backed ChatGPT. Also, in an interview given to CNBC, Pichai had told that they are developing it as the most capable and safe AI model.

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