When Bharat Takhtani felt that Esha Deol was ignoring him, distance came after the birth of his second daughter.

By Shalini Bhardwaj February 7, 2024 2:32 PM IST

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Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani.

Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani have recently announced their separation by issuing a joint statement. This simply means that the marriage of Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani has broken. Both have parted ways. Isha has two daughters, whose responsibilities both of them will take up together. However, even before this there had been distance between the two. Esha Deol herself had mentioned this in her book. Isha had told how Bharat had started feeling that she was ignoring him.

When Bharat felt that Isha was ignoring him

Isha writes in her book ‘Amma Mia: Stories, Advice and Recipes from One Mother to Another’, ‘For a short time after my second child, I noticed that Bharat was irritable and irritated with me. They felt that I was ignoring them and not paying enough attention. It is very natural for a husband to feel this way because at that time I was busy with Radhya’s playschool fiasco and feeding Miraya and I was also busy writing my book and dealing with my production meetings. That’s why he was feeling ignored. I immediately noticed my mistake. I remembered the time when Bharat had asked me for a new toothbrush and it had slipped my mind or when his shirt was not pressed or when I had sent him away without bothering about lunch.

Isha had accepted her mistake

Isha further wrote in the book, ‘His needs are very less and if I was not able to take care of them then it simply means that something is wrong. I immediately took up the task of fixing it. Bharat is quite different. If he feels anything wrong then he says everything directly and openly, but sometimes it happens that men are not like this and they are not able to express their feelings. It completely depends on you how to keep the romance alive. I realized that I haven’t gone on a date night or to watch a movie with her in a long time. So, I changed my routine, opened my hair, wore a nice dress and went for the weekend with him.

statement issued

In a joint statement, they said that they have decided to part ways. The statement that came out said, ‘We have decided to separate with mutual consent. Granted, there is a big change coming in our lives, but the best interests and well-being of our two children are and will remain of the utmost importance to us. We would appreciate that our privacy be respected.

Separation rumors had already come

This star couple often shared pictures on social media. However, Bharat was missing from Esha Deol’s birthday celebrations in 2023. Apart from this, a social media user shared a post on Reddit on January 17 and told in it that Isha and Bharat have already separated from each other. This is why they are no longer seen together in public. Not only this, in this post the user has also claimed that Bharat has moved ahead in his life. The user claimed in his post that he had seen Isha’s husband Bharat at a party in Bengaluru on New Year’s Day. Where he was with one of his alleged girlfriends. However, no one from the Deol family has reacted to this viral news yet, but now the couple has confirmed their separation after being in love for more than a decade.

Are parents of two daughters

Let us tell you that Esha Deol married Bharat in June 2012. This marriage was done with utmost simplicity in the ISKCON temple of Mumbai. After five years of marriage, the couple became parents of a daughter Radhya and then in the year 2019, Isha gave birth to their second daughter Miraya Takhtani.

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