Munawwar Farooqui got a new girlfriend after dating Ayesha-Nazila together? cozy pictures surfaced

By Shalini Bhardwaj February 8, 2024 3:11 PM IST

munawar faruqui with mystery girl- India TV Hindi

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Munawar Farooqui seen with mystery girl.

Since the end of ‘Bigg Boss 17’, the phase of parties has been going on. The contestants are partying together hard. Munawar Farooqui, the winner of ‘Bigg Boss 17’, is also attending these parties. Apart from this, Ori is also seen in the party. Recently ‘Bigg Boss 17’ runner-up Abhishek Kumar organized a grand party in Mumbai. Recently ‘Bigg Boss 17’ runner-up Abhishek Kumar organized a grand party in Mumbai. Many ‘Bigg Boss 17’ contestants participated in it. ‘Bigg Boss 17’ winner Munawar Farooqui also attended this party and during this time a girl was seen with him, seeing whom everyone was surprised. This girl was neither Mannara, nor Ayesha Khan, nor his ex-girlfriend Nazila.

Mystery girl seen with Munavvar in the party

During this time everyone’s eyes were fixed on Munawwar Farooqui. Everyone’s attention was drawn by the girl who was spending time in the party with Munawar Farooqui. Both were seen spending time alone for a long time. Both of them left the party together in the same car. Not only this, both were seen very close to each other. Their cozy pictures have also surfaced, which are becoming increasingly viral. Now the question might be coming in your mind that who is this girl?

Who is the mystery girl?

Actually, this girl seen with ‘Bigg Boss 17’ winner Munawar Farooqui is a content creator. His name is Tasheen Rahmatula. Apart from the world of content, Tasheen is also a businesswoman. She is the owner of Taste Retreat by Tasheen R. Her recent pictures with Munavvar are going viral, seeing which people are surprised and only one doubt is arising in everyone’s mind whether she is Munavvar’s new girlfriend. At present, Munawwar has not given any reaction on this nor has there been anything from Tasheen’s side. In such a situation, it is difficult to say what is the relationship between the two.

been associated with controversies

Let us tell you, before becoming the winner of ‘Bigg Boss 17’, Munawar Farooqui had also won Kangana Ranaut’s show ‘Lockup’. His love angle with content creator Anjali Arora was seen in that show. His wife and a son were revealed in this show itself. After coming back from the show, it was revealed that the actor is getting divorced from his wife and meanwhile he is dating an Instagrammer named Nazila. After appearing on the show, vlogger and actress Ayesha Khan made many allegations. She claimed that Munawar Farooqui cheated not only her but many other girls. He was dating many girls at the same time. Munavvar also accepted his mistake in the show. Even before this, Munawar Faruqui has a long list of controversies in his name. Munawwar Farooqui has also had to go to jail. His standup comedy weighed heavily on him. He had to go to jail because of a religious comment. For now, he is enjoying his new success.

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