Man made lewd comment on Jasprit Bumrah’s wife, Sanjana got angry and scolded him fiercely

By Shalini Bhardwaj February 13, 2024 12:57 PM IST

Jasprit Bumrah, Sanjana Ganesan- India TV Hindi

Image Source : INSTAGRAM
Jasprit Bumrah and wife Sanjana Ganesan.

There is a lot of discussion about the love stories of Indian cricketers. Like cricketers, their wives also remain in limelight. If cricketers hit fours and sixes in the field, their wives also make headlines with their beauty. The wives of many cricketers are very active on social media. Sanjana Ganesan, wife of fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah, also dominates. She keeps sharing updates related to herself and her husband. Recently, Jasprit Bumrah and wife Sanjana spent a lot of time together. Meanwhile, Jasprit Bumrah shared a post on social media, after seeing which a person trolled his wife badly. The matter did not stop at this, Sanjana got enraged after this.

Sanjana replied to the troller

Jasprit Bumrah posted a picture with his wife Sanjana Ganesan. Its caption read, ‘Happiness is here.’ After seeing this promotional post on Valentine’s Day, a user trolled Sanjana Ganesan. He made a body shaming comment, seeing which Sanjana got angry and slapped the user. The user wrote in the comment, ‘Sister-in-law is looking fat.’ Reacting to this, Sanjana wrote, ‘You don’t even remember school science books, you are commenting about women’s bodies. Run away from here…

jasprit bumrah wife

Image Source : INSTAGRAM

Jasprit Bumrah’s wife gave the answer.

This is the reaction of the fans

Everyone is praising this witty reply of Jasprit Bumrah’s wife Sanjana Ganesan. People say that the way the person made this comment on them is completely wrong. Many people say that body shaming cannot be taken humorously. Whereas one user said that Sanjana has recently become a mother and gaining weight during pregnancy is a natural process.

Recently became parents

Let us tell you, Sanjana Ganesan is a sports anchor. Recently Jaspreet and Sanjana became parents. They have welcomed a lovely baby boy into the world. Jasprit Bumrah is going to be seen playing in the third Test match against England in Rajkot on Thursday. The series is going on 1-1 and there are still three test matches left.

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