88 year old Dharmendra did wonders in his granddaughter’s wedding, created a stir with his dance even at this age

By Shalini Bhardwaj February 13, 2024 5:15 PM IST

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Dharmendra danced a lot in granddaughter’s wedding

Recently there has been a lot of Shehnai Gunji in Dharmendra’s family. The actor’s granddaughter Nikita Chaudhary is getting married in Udaipur. The entire Deol family attended this wedding, where everyone had a lot of dance fun together. Every person in the family was seen enjoying the wedding functions. From Sunny Deol to Bobby Deol danced fiercely. Many pictures and videos of which were also seen. Dharmendra also danced vigorously in his granddaughter’s wedding, a glimpse of which he recently shared on his Instagram.

Dharmendra danced a lot at granddaughter’s wedding

In the video shared by Dharmendra, he is seen dancing while sitting with a glass in his hand. Not only this, after listening to the song, Dharmendra is unable to stop himself from dancing and he starts dancing while standing. Then suddenly someone probably asks them to sit and they sit on the same seat dancing. During this time, the happiness of the granddaughter’s marriage is clearly visible on the actor’s face. At the age of 88, his style is winning the hearts of his fans. This dance video of Dharmendra is going viral on social media at the moment. Fans are commenting fiercely and praying for him to always remain happy and healthy.

Nikita is the daughter of Dharmendra’s daughter Ajita Deol.

Let us tell you that Nikita Chaudhary is the daughter of Dharmendra and his first wife Prakash Kaur’s daughter Ajita Deol. She is the youngest daughter of Dharmendra. Ajita Deol married US based dentist Dr. Kiran Chaudhary and lives with her husband in California, USA. Both have two daughters Priyanka and Nikita. It is said that both of them are doctors like their father. The name of the person Nikita has married is Rishabh Shah. Rishabh Shah is an NRI businessman. Both of them met in America only. Meanwhile, both of them fell in love and now both of them are married.

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