Uttarkashi tunnel temple reinstalled a good news comes. Baukh Nag Devta established at the mouth of Uttarkashi Tunnel

By Priyanka Tiwari November 21, 2023 1:49 PM IST

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Image Source : ANI
The temple of Baukh Nag Devta has been established once again at the mouth of the tunnel of Uttarkashi.

Dehradun: The work to rescue 41 laborers trapped in the tunnel in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand has gained momentum. Now a 6-inch diameter pipe has reached the workers and through this, food and all the essential items are being supplied to them. In a video released this morning, the workers inside the tunnel appeared healthy and even talked. At the same time, after the accident, the local people have claimed that while building the tunnel, the construction people had removed an old temple in Silkyari, due to which this accident happened.

Local people blamed the management of the construction company

Local people say that before the start of the project, a small temple was built near the mouth of the tunnel and out of respect for local beliefs, officials and laborers used to enter the tunnel only after performing puja, but from Diwali onwards. A few days ago, the management of the construction company got the temple removed from there. People say that this accident happened in the tunnel only after the temple was removed and till now despite all efforts the workers have not been rescued.

After the removal of the temple, the project faced many problems.

It is true that only after the removal of the temple, we are facing all kinds of problems. Firstly, on the very day of Diwali, the workers got stuck in the tunnel. After that, when attempts were made to evacuate them, sometimes the work got interrupted due to landslides and sometimes the auger machine itself broke down. When all the measures failed, the officials of the construction company called the priest of Boukhnag deity and apologized to him and performed puja. Seeing the pressure from the villagers, the company management re-established the temple of Boukhnag deity outside the tunnel.

The camera reached the workers a few hours after the establishment of the temple.

The first success after the establishment of the temple was when a 6-inch pipe passed through the debris and reached the workers. With the help of this pipe, many types of food items including porridge, khichdi can now be easily sent to the workers. At the same time, with the help of the camera sent through the pipe, a conversation was held with the workers in which they seemed healthy. A laborer trapped inside the tunnel said in his message that he is completely fine and food is also being provided on time. He said that they are not facing any problem in the tunnel at present.

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