Hemant Soren was involved in taking over government lands, taking bribe and transfer posting – ED

By Priyanka Tiwari February 7, 2024 7:23 PM IST

ED's big revelation regarding Hemant Soren.  - India TV Hindi

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ED’s big revelation regarding Hemant Soren.

The troubles of former Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren, who is in ED remand in the alleged land scam case, are increasing. Ranchi’s PMLA court has extended the ED remand of Hemant Soren by 5 more days. The agency had sought 7 days’ remand of Soren from the court. Meanwhile, ED has accused Hemant Soren of being involved in various types of corruption. ED has made a big revelation in the remand copy of Hemant Soren. ED says that Soren, with the help of officers close to him, not only took over government lands but was also involved in transfer posting of officers by taking bribes.

ED found WhatsApp chat

This new allegation against Hemant Soren has come to light through WhatsApp chats obtained by ED during investigation. The WhatsApp chat is between former Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren and his close friend Binod Singh. Binod Singh is an architect by profession. ED has also recovered the paper related to the transfer of Bokaro and Chalbasa Jail Superintendent from the mobile. The rate of transfer posting is written in this paper.

What did you get in WhatsApp?

According to ED, Binod WhatsApped Hemant Soren on 07-06-2020 in which it was written “Make DC somewhere…No relation pure commercial”. Brother, till now whatever recommendation he has made, he has not taken even a single rupee from anyone. Yes, after the work is done, as per your order, but the request is pls consider some cases.. I wish we too were a port of a small system.” This WhatsApp chat contains the names of many officers and their current posting along with details of where they want to be posted.

Hemant Soren is not giving direct answer

ED has alleged that this chat clearly shows that Hemant Soren was not only taking over government land by forging documents and manipulating government papers. Rather, he was also involved in the game of transfer posting and taking money by misusing his position. ED claims they have 539 pages of WhatsApp chats between Binod Singh and Hemant Soren. ED claims that on February 5, he was taken to the Assembly to cast his vote, after which he was brought back to the ED office. After this, ED asked Hemant Soren about his phone through which he had WhatsApp chat with Binod Singh. However, Soren has not given a direct answer regarding the phone.

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