‘Hathoda Tyagi’ caught by police in Moradabad, had illicit relationship with aunt, then murdered uncle

By Priyanka Tiwari February 8, 2024 11:04 PM IST

Hathuda Tyagi caught by police in Moradabad had illicit relationship with aunt then murdered uncle- India TV Hindi

Image Source : INDIA TV
Hammer Tyagi caught by police in Moradabad

In Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh, illicit relations of a nephew with his aunt have been revealed. After this revelation, when the uncle beat the nephew, the nephew along with his friend killed the uncle. To commit this crime, the nephew attacked the uncle on the head with a hammer. Let us tell you that the nephew attacked the uncle on the head with a hammer not once but several times. Moradabad district SP Crime Subhash Chandra Gangwar, while sharing information about the incident, said that the accused nephew Sushil and his friend Gaurav have been arrested and sent to jail. This case is of Kala Jhanda village of Thakurdwara.

Nephew’s illicit relationship with aunt

In fact, this incident has reminded everyone of the web series Patallok. In the Patallok webseries, there is a criminal named Hathoda Tyagi, who commits murder with a hammer. Let us tell you that Narayan Singh lives with his family in village Kalajhanda of Thakurdwara police station in Moradabad district. Both the sons of Narayan Singh live together in the same house. There is just a partition wall standing in the middle of the house. Son Sushil had an illicit relationship with his own aunt. Uncle Rajiv suddenly saw his wife and nephew Sushil in a room in an objectionable condition. After this, Rajiv became enraged and beat both of them severely.

Nephew killed uncle by beating him with a hammer

Sushil felt insulted after the beating. After that Sushil planned to kill his uncle. Sushil’s friend Gaurav supported him in this. At first Gaurav refused but Sushil convinced him by offering him friendship. After this both of them started searching for their uncle. On 6 February, Sushil saw uncle Rajiv roaming in the village with a friend. Sushil called uncle outside the village on the pretext of drinking alcohol. After this Sushil attacked his uncle on the head with a hammer. He attacked not once but several times. Let us tell you that after this both of them left the dead body in the field and hid the hammer. Let us tell you that after getting information about the incident, the police reached the spot and interrogated the nephew Sushil and he confessed to his crime. Gaurav was also arrested by the police.

(Report-Rajeev Sharma)

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