Haldwani violence: Stones were already deposited on the rooftops, firing at the police station; DM made big revelations

By Priyanka Tiwari February 9, 2024 10:27 AM IST

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Image Source : ANI
Nainital DM Vandana Singh and SSP PM Meena

DM and SSP of Nainital have given many important information in a press conference on Haldwani violence. During this, DM Vandana Singh told that the drive to remove encroachment was going on for 15 days. He told that advance information was given for this. DM Vandana said that the rioters also used petrol bombs. Stones were already deposited on the rooftops in the area.

Encroachment removed on orders of High Court

DM Vandana Singh further said that after the order of the High Court, action was taken against encroachment at various places in Haldwani. Everyone was given notice and given time for hearing. Some approached the High Court, some were given time, while some parties were not given time. Where time was not given, demolition campaigns were carried out by PWD and Municipal Corporation. This was not an isolated activity and no specific property was targeted.

The structure was not registered as a madrasa.

Nainital DM Vandana Singh further said, “It is a vacant property consisting of two structures, which is not registered as a religious structure or given any such recognition. Some people call the structure a madrassa and some call it It is called a Namaz place. But it does not exist legally in any document.”

The crowd had stones and petrol bombs

DM said that the anti-encroachment campaign started peacefully. Forces were deployed for security. During this time our Municipal Corporation team was pelted with stones. It was planned that the force would be attacked on the day when the sabotage operation would be carried out. The first mob that came with stones was dispersed but the second mob that came had petrol bombs. It was unprovoked and our team did not use any force.”

Anti-encroachment campaign will continue

District Magistrate Vandana Singh said, “We decided to continue the anti-encroachment drive as there was no stay on the properties. The legal process to remove encroachments is going on at various places and hence the same was done here. Our teams and resources have been shifted and no one was provoked or harmed. No action was taken by the police and administration to cause damage to life or property. The demolition operation began peacefully. Despite the entire process being carried out properly, a large crowd “Within half an hour, our Municipal Corporation Support Team was attacked.”

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