How many people will be able to vote in the Lok Sabha elections 2024, what is the number of new voters? Know here

By Priyanka Tiwari February 9, 2024 5:28 PM IST

Lok Sabha Elections 2024- India TV Hindi

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lok sabha election 2024

Lok Sabha elections 2024 are to be held in India shortly. Let us tell you that this is going to be the biggest democratic election in the whole world. It is believed that the dates of Lok Sabha elections can be announced by the Election Commission in the month of February itself. In such a situation, the Election Commission of India on Friday released information about how many people of the country are eligible to vote in the Lok Sabha elections 2024. Along with this, the Commission has also released the number of people who voted for the first time. Let us know about all these numbers.

How many people of the country will be able to vote

The Election Commission of India has informed on Friday that about 97 crore Indians will be eligible to vote in this year’s Lok Sabha elections. According to the Commission, the number of registered voters has increased by six percent since the last Lok Sabha elections 2019. The Election Commission has reported that around 96.88 crore voters, the largest in the world, are registered to vote for the upcoming general elections in India.

number of new voters

The country’s Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar, at a press conference in Pune, has given information about the various tasks involved in the revision of the voter list along with the participation of political parties at every stage. He has informed that more than two crore young voters in the age group of 18 to 29 years have been added to the voter list. Along with this, special emphasis has been laid on the correctness and sanctity of the voter list. The Commission has informed that the sex ratio in the country has increased from 940 in 2023 to 948 in 2024.

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