‘My Hindi is also entertaining, listen a little’, Nirmala Sitharaman’s taunt on Congress in Lok Sabha

By Priyanka Tiwari February 9, 2024 6:47 PM IST

Finance Minister angry at Congress.  - India TV Hindi

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Finance Minister angry at Congress.

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Friday fiercely targeted the Congress party while presenting the white paper on the economy for discussion in the Lok Sabha. Let us tell you that last Thursday, a white paper was presented in the Parliament on economic mismanagement during the tenure of the UPA government from 2004 to 2014. This white paper explains in detail India’s economic plight during the UPA government and its negative effects on the economy. Nirmala Sitharaman took a sharp dig at Congress and other opposition members who were creating ruckus during the discussion on this bill on Friday. Taking a dig at the opposition MPs, he said, “My Hindi is also entertaining, listen to it a little”. Let us know the whole matter.

What is the whole matter?

In fact, when Finance Minister Sitharaman was criticizing the policies of the then UPA government while presenting the details of the white paper in the Parliament, the Congress members were creating ruckus in between. Attacking the Congress, the Finance Minister said that if the Congress has courage and has done good work, then it should be heard and responded to. Taking aim at the opposition MPs, he said that they do not have the ability to listen. Still I will not leave, I will speak my mind.

Congress kept on doing scam after scam

Finance Minister Sitharaman angrily said in the Lok Sabha that these people could not handle the global economic crisis, but today they are giving knowledge on how to handle it. What should have been done at that time, nothing was done. Scams kept coming on top of scams. God knows what would have been the condition of the country if their (Congress) government had remained in power.

My Hindi is also entertaining…

When Nirmala Sitharaman was presenting details on the white paper, former Congress President Sonia Gandhi was present in the House. Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Choudhary and other members were interrupting the Finance Minister during his speech. On this, Nirmala Sitharaman took a jibe at the Congress and said – “I am speaking in both Hindi and English. My Hindi is also entertaining. Listen a little. The former Speaker is sitting, we have to impress her that madam, we are protecting her.” ‘ He said that when Congress members raise many questions, we listen calmly, but when the government answers, the opposition members either walk out or create noise. (input language)

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