Was Abdul Malik also involved in Haldwani violence?

By Priyanka Tiwari February 10, 2024 3:16 PM IST

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So far, 6 deaths have been reported in the Haldwani violence.

Haldwani: Curfew has been lifted from the outskirts of violence-hit Haldwani city in Uttarakhand, but it will remain in force in Banbhulpura area, where a mob indulged in arson and vandalism on Thursday over the demolition of an illegal madrassa. Meanwhile, quoting sources, a big news is coming out about the conspirators of violence. According to sources, the police is searching for Abdul Malik, one of the perpetrators of the murder. The administration is also ascertaining the legal status of the houses from where the incidents of stone pelting took place.

‘The search for Abdul Malik continues’

While giving an update on the Haldwani violence, Nainital SP Prahlad Narayan Meena said that a total of 3 FIRs have been registered. He said that so far 5 people have been arrested in this case and the search for Abdul Malik is going on. SP said that the search for Abdul Malik is going on continuously. He said that the police station was targeted with complete planning, and people are being searched on the basis of CCTV. The SP said that we are investigating the matter and only then will we tell who is the real conspirator.

Abdul used to occupy lands illegally!

Let us tell you that a total of 6 people were killed in the violence in Haldwani, while more than 60 people were injured. Police are searching for Abdul Malik, one of the masterminds of the violence. There are allegations that Abdul Malik had illegally occupied the lands and sold them illegally. The place in Banbhulpura where action was taken to remove encroachment is also called ‘Malik’s Garden’. Along with this, the administration is also investigating what is the legal status of the houses from where stones were thrown?

Shops opened in the outskirts, but schools closed

Let us tell you that shops on the outskirts of the city opened on Saturday but schools are closed. Additional Director General of Police (ADG), Law and Order A. P. Anshuman has camped in Haldwani. ADG said that 5 people involved in the violence have been arrested so far and 3 FIRs have been registered. Internet services are suspended to prevent the spread of rumors on social media. The situation in Haldwani had become so bad that during the violence, local people pelted stones and threw petrol bombs at Municipal Corporation personnel and police.

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