Amit Shah roared in Lok Sabha, called 22 January a historic day, what else did the Home Minister say on Ram Temple?

By Priyanka Tiwari February 10, 2024 4:23 PM IST

Amit Shah said a big thing on Ram Mandir in Lok Sabha said 22 January will be a historic day- India TV Hindi

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Amit Shah said a big thing on Ram temple in Lok Sabha

On Saturday, a motion of thanks was brought in the Lok Sabha on Ram Temple. During this, in his address, Amit Shah said that CAA notification will be issued in the country before the Lok Sabha elections. He said that I want to make it clear that no person’s citizenship will be taken away due to this. Its objective is to grant citizenship only to Pakistani, Afghani and Bangladeshi minorities facing religious persecution. During the vote of thanks at Ram Temple, he said that January 22 will be a historic day for years to come. This was the day which fulfilled the hopes and aspirations of all Ram devotees.

What did Amit Shah say on Ram temple?

Home Minister Amit Shah said, “22 January is the day of beginning of the journey of great India. This day paves the way to take Maa Bharati on the path of Vishwa Guru. This country cannot be imagined without Ram and Ramcharitmanas. Can be done. Ram’s character and Ram is the soul of the people of this country. He said that before the consecration of Ram Lalla, PM Narendra Modi followed every rule. The Prime Minister did not sleep on the bed for 11 days. He said that the Ram temple No one can read the history of this country without being ignorant of the movement.

PM Modi did not sleep in bed for 11 days

Amit Shah said that since 1528, every generation has seen this movement in some form or the other. This matter remained stuck for a long time. This dream had to be fulfilled during the time of Modi ji and today the country is seeing it being fulfilled. PM Modi is the representative of the people. In such a situation, Ram Janmabhoomi Trust invited him to lay the foundation stone. In such a situation, the conduct of PM Modi should be seen. PM Modi’s conduct will inspire the people of the world. When Modi ji got a chance, he asked the people of Ramnandi community and Vaishnav sect. PM Modi fasted with coconut water only for 11 days. Stay immersed in Rammay and Rambhakti all the time for 11 days. PM Modi followed all these rules.

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