Farmers marching to Delhi carrying 6 months’ ration and diesel in trolleys, preparing for a big movement.

By Priyanka Tiwari February 13, 2024 3:30 PM IST

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Image Source : PTI
Farmers marching to Delhi

New Delhi: Farmers are marching from Punjab to Delhi with ration and fuel in preparation for a major movement. Although the borders have been sealed on the Delhi border, the farmers still say that they are not going to withdraw their steps until their demands are met.

Farmers are marching towards Delhi carrying with them 6 months’ ration as well as adequate amount of fuel. Farmers say that this movement is the next step of the 2020 protests regarding their many demands including MSP. Farmers say that their patience is being tested and they will continue their protest until their demands are met.

demands of farmers

  • Legal guarantee of MSP
  • Pension facility and crop insurance
  • Swaminathan Commission report should be implemented
  • Farmers’ loans should be waived immediately
  • Electricity Act 2020 should be repealed
  • Cases registered during protests in 2020 removed
  • Justice to the victims of Lakhimpur violence

According to the intelligence department, this time the Prime Minister’s residence and the house are the target of the farmers. Farmers want to surround the residences of these two top political figures. According to the information received by the Intelligence Department, the farmers also have a plan to deal with the police barricades. According to the information, a group of farmers will try to enter Delhi on foot from remote areas around the border and through roads where vehicles cannot pass.

Information has been received that farmers from Punjab have traveled to Delhi with 1500 tractors and more than 500 vehicles. Farmers will try to reach Delhi from Shambhu border (Ambala), Khanori (Jind) and Dabwali (Sirsa). Meanwhile, farmers trying to enter Delhi from Shambhu border are also facing confrontation with the police. Here the police also fired tear gas shells to disperse the farmers.

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