Farmers Protest: Rahul Gandhi’s announcement amid farmers’ movement, Congress will guarantee MSP

By Priyanka Tiwari February 13, 2024 5:57 PM IST

Congress's announcement on farmers' movement.- India TV Hindi

Image Source : PTI
Congress’s announcement on farmers’ movement.

Thousands of farmers from Punjab are moving towards Delhi regarding various issues. The farmers, who are marching towards Delhi carrying 6 months’ ration as well as sufficient amount of fuel, say that they are not going to step back until the government fulfills their demands. In view of this movement, all the borders adjacent to Delhi have been sealed. On the other hand, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and party president Mallikarjun Kharge have made a big announcement for the farmers. Congress has said that if their government is formed, a law will be brought to guarantee MSP.

As soon as INDI coalition government is formed…

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge and former party President Rahul Gandhi made a big announcement on Tuesday saying that as soon as the INDI coalition government is formed at the Centre, they will bring a law guaranteeing MSP for various crops. This is a long pending demand of farmers across the country. Rahul Gandhi has said that Congress has decided to give legal guarantee of MSP to every farmer on crops as per the Swaminathan Commission.

15 crore farmer families benefited

Announcing the MSP guarantee, Rahul Gandhi has said that this step will change the lives of 15 crore farmer families by ensuring their prosperity. This is the first guarantee of Congress on the path of justice. He said that the farmers in the country are not getting what they should get. That’s why the farmers are going towards Delhi, but they are being stopped, tear gas shells are being fired on them. Farmers are just saying – we should get the fruits of our hard work.

What are the demands of the farmers:

  • Legal guarantee of MSP
  • Pension facility and crop insurance
  • Swaminathan Commission report should be implemented
  • Farmers’ loans should be waived immediately
  • Electricity Act 2020 should be repealed
  • Cases registered during protests in 2020 removed
  • Justice to the victims of Lakhimpur violence

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