Nail Art For Rose Day: Do nail art design like this on Rose Day, follow these fashion trends

By Divya Ray February 7, 2024 12:38 PM IST

Nail Art For Rose Day: February has been called the month of love. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14 February. But the first day of love starts from 7th February itself. Yes, Rose Day is celebrated on the first day. In such a situation, every loving couple tries to make this day special for each other. To look good on that day, girls prepare everything from their clothes to makeup to surprise their partner. Women are very fond of nail art. Let us tell you what kind of nail art you can get done on this Rose Day.

Red Winter Nail Art (Nail Art For Rose Day)

Valentine’s Day is celebrated during winter time in February. In such a situation, you can make red winter-themed net art on Rose Day. You can get red hearts, rose flowers or just red colored nail art done on it. Toothpicks are used to make it on nails.

Nail Art For Rose Day
Nail Art For Rose Day

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double shade nail art

These days double shade nail art is being liked a lot. In such a situation, you can make double shade nail art by keeping the theme of white and red on Rose Day. To do this, the nails are made sad in two colors. You can also choose the color of the paint as per your choice.

Glitter Nail Art (Nail Art For Rose Day)

You can get red glitter nail art done for Rose Day party. This nail art will be very beautiful. This will enhance your beauty. Now you can use nail stickers for this type of design.