Why is Rose Day celebrated? Know its history

By Divya Ray February 7, 2024 11:24 PM IST

Rose Day: Valentine’s Day, which falls every year in February, has great significance, every day of which promotes love. These seven days of this week are very important for the couple. Like every year, this year too this week has started from 7th February. Its first day is known as Rose Day which is celebrated on 7th February. On this day, you can express your feelings by giving rose flowers to your partner, friend or someone special. This can greatly increase the love in your relationships. Let us tell you the history of Rose Day and the meaning of the colors of roses.

History of Rose Day

There is a special reason for celebrating Rose Day during Valentine’s Week. Mughal Begum Noor Jahan was very fond of red roses. To please Nur Jahan, Jahangir used to send a ton of fresh red roses to her palace every day. Their love story became quite famous. Also a ton fresh is a story from the time of Queen Victoria when people used to give roses to each other to express their feelings. To continue this tradition, one day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated as Rose Day.

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Meaning of rose colors (Rose Day)

Red Rose: You can give red rose to your partner on Rose Day. Red rose is considered a symbol of honeymoon. This type of rose represents your love. At the same time, it is said that red flower shows the depth of love. If you want to express your love to someone, you can gift them a red rose. However, every partner makes each other’s day better by giving them a red rose.

Pink Rose: On Rose Day, you can gift pink roses to your partner. Rose of this color is very beautiful to look at. This color also has a special meaning. It is believed that pink roses are given to the most special people in life. Rose of this color gives a feeling of depth in relationships. You can gift it to both your partner and best friend.