Propose Day Quotes: Send this message to your partner on Propose Day, express your love.

By Divya Ray February 8, 2024 12:32 PM IST

Propose Day Quotes: Propose Day is celebrated on the second day of Valentine’s Week. Propose Day is celebrated on 8th February. It is also called proposal day. On this day, couples share their feelings with their partners and express their love. However, we all must have loved someone at one time or the other. But sometimes we hesitate in expressing our feelings to the one we love and it becomes a bit difficult for them to express their feelings. In such a situation, today we have brought such beautiful messages for you through which you can express your feelings to your loved ones.

These are some quotes for Propose Day (Propose Day Quotes)

All my desires were fulfilled,
When you thought for a moment,
What will be our madness,
When you meet me forever.
Happy Propose Day!!

How can I say that I don’t love you,
I am crazy about you, I can’t deny it.
There is some mischief in my eyes too,
I am not the only one guilty of this.
Happy Propose Day!!

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May there never be sorrow in my heart because of you,
May your smiling eyes never become moist,
Let us pray that such a day never happens again.
When you are not with me.
Happy Propose Day!!

I love your habits,
I love your eyes,
My life is because of you,
I love your feeling so much.
Happy Propose Day!!

I love only two people,
One is my mother who gave birth to me,
And the second one is that madman who was born for me.
Happy Propose Day!!