U19 World Cup 2024 Pakistan dream of final shattered due to 3 reasons top order batsman flop. Pakistan’s dream of going to the finals shattered, hopes dashed due to these 3 reasons

By Nishu Bhardwaj February 9, 2024 12:04 AM IST

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U19 World Cup 2024 Pakistan vs Australia: In the Under-19 World Cup 2024, Australia defeated Pakistan by 1 wicket in a breath-taking semi-final match. In this match, the Pakistani team, batting first, gave a target of 180 runs to the Australian team, in response to which Australia achieved the target by losing 9 wickets in the last over. Australia will face India in the final on 11 February. There were many important reasons for the Pakistani team’s defeat in the match against Australia. Let us know about it.

1. Top order flop

Barring Ajan Awais, the Pakistani top order and middle order flopped badly against the Australian team. The Pakistani team, which came to bat first, had a very bad start. When Shahzaib Khan was out after scoring just four runs. Then Shamil Hussain was out after scoring 17 runs. Captain Saad Baig scored three runs, Ahmed Hasan scored 4 runs and Haroon Arshad scored 8 runs. Due to the poor performance of these players, the Pakistani team could not score big. If Pakistani batsmen had scored 10 to 15 more runs, the result of the match could have been different.

2. This bowler bowled badly

Pakistani bowler Ali Raza had dismissed Raf McMillan in the 40th over, but his ball turned out to be a no ball. For this reason the Australian batsman was not given out. If this was not a no ball then the result of the match could have changed. Pakistani bowler Mohammad Zeeshan gave away 40 runs in his 6.1 overs and could not take even a single wicket. He proved to be the most expensive bowler for Pakistan against Australia.

3. 10 runs wasted as extra

Pakistan gave 10 extra runs while bowling against the Australian team. This included 5 wide balls, 2 no balls, 2 leg byes and one run bye. The Australian team had lost 9 wickets for 164 runs only. After this Australia needed 16 runs in 24 balls. But Pakistani bowlers could not take the last wicket.

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