iPhone 16 will come with special cooling system to solve over heating issues. iPhone 16 will have a special cooling system! Will get rid of over heating

By Sunil Tiwari November 20, 2023 10:11 AM IST

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iPhone 16 will have a special cooling system.

iPhone 16 Latest Updates: Recently, the iPhone 15 series was launched by the tech giant Apple in the month of September. Apple has launched the new series of iPhone in the market with many new features. There is a lot of craze among customers regarding iPhone 15, but users will also face a big problem in it. Many iPhone 15 users have complained about overheating.

Amidst the heating issue in iPhone 15, now a big update has come out regarding iPhone 16. It is believed that Apple may launch the iPhone 16 series in October next year. The company can provide a special feature in its Nex iPhone series which will completely eliminate the heating issue in the iPhone.

iPhone 16 will have a new thermal design

Actually, it is being said that Apple can present iPhone 16 with a special cooling system. This cooling system will prevent the smartphone from overheating. In such a situation, this cooling system will prove to be very effective when you are recording video, gaming or streaming video. This cooling system of Apple will keep the iPhone 16 cool during heavy tasks.

Users can see a new thermal design in iPhone 16. The latest report has revealed that Apple is preparing a graphene thermal system for the iPhone 16 which will cool the device instantly. Along with this, it is also being told that the company can also make changes in the battery so that there is no problem of overheating in iPhone 16. The battery in iPhone 16 may come with a metal cover.

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