ChatGPT like GenAI model to design new drugs to treat diseases check details | Amazing technology, AI like ChatGPT will cure serious diseases

By Sunil Tiwari February 8, 2024 7:03 PM IST

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GenAI like ChatGPT will now help in the treatment of serious diseases.

Generative AI like ChatGPT has been making waves since last year. Many technology companies have introduced generative AI based tools, with the help of which many tasks can be done easily. According to a report, scientists are developing generative AI technology like ChatGPT, which will help in treating serious diseases and finding medicines for their treatment. ChatGPT’s generative AI became popular last year for everything from sending emails to creating notes for students.

Will find a cure for a serious disease

On the lines of ChatGPT, this new generative AI will start from drug design process to finding cure for the disease. Scientists from Schemmed College of Science and Technology, Chapman University of California are developing this AI. This generative AI model has been named drugAI. This artificial intelligence is trained by BindingDB, a comprehensive public database. It can prepare a unique molecular structure, on the basis of which dose of potential drugs can be given for the treatment of the patient.

This new AI model has discovered 50 to 100 new molecules for the treatment of serious diseases like cancer. Dr. Hagop Atamian, who is associated with this generative AI design, said that the drug generated from this approach has been tested and validated. Now we are waiting for its result. We had never imagined such drugs.

100 percent validity rate

Researchers believe that the molecules generated by drugAI have been tested in different ways and found that its results have been similar to those of other two different common methods, where many results have also been better. Scientist found that the drug validity rate of the drugAI candidate was up to 100 percent.

At the same time, a separate test generated a list of natural products that inhibit COVID-19 proteins. This generative AI tool has prepared a list of new medicines to compare the same characteristics. It is clear from these tests that through drugAI tool, better drugs can be prepared than the existing medicines.

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