Disney+ Hostar’s big step, you won’t be able to share passwords like Netflix

By Sunil Tiwari February 10, 2024 4:41 PM IST

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Disney Plus Hotstar gave a big shock to the users.

If you are fond of OTT streaming along with internet surfing and you use Disney Plus Hot Star for this, then you are going to be shocked. Actually now Disney Plus Hotstar has followed the path of Netflix. You might have guessed what we are going to talk about. Now Hotstar is also going to ban password sharing like Netflix. This means that now you will not be able to provide OTT streaming to your close ones for free.

Let us tell you that Hugh Johnston, Chief Financial Officer of Disney Plus Hotstar, revealed during an earnings call that now users will be charged extra for password sharing.

Hotstar users will have to pay extra charge

The officer informed that the company will offer a separate subscription plan for password sharing. If any user wants to show OTT content from his account to his close ones, then he will have to pay extra charge for it. He told that people who are using someone else’s password or who are streaming by logging into someone else’s account will now get the option to sign up.

Let us tell you that the company will also start a service in which people living in different houses will have the option to pay extra amount to add it to their account. This service is exactly like the one that Netflix provides to its users. Netflix charges users a fee of $7.99 if you add someone who lives outside your household to your account. However, no information regarding fees has been given by Hotstar yet.

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