New AI message writing tool is coming for users in Instagram, new experience will be available in chatting.

By Sunil Tiwari February 11, 2024 1:27 PM IST

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A new artificial intelligence tool is coming to Instagram.

Instagram is a popular social media platform. Millions of people around the world use this app for sharing short videos and photos. To improve the experience of users, the company keeps bringing new features and updates from time to time. In the last few months, many experiments are being conducted by different tech companies regarding Artificial Intelligence. In this sequence, Instagram has also started the work of adding many AI tools to its platform. Company Up is going to introduce a new AI tool for its users.

After the launch of Meta AI by Meta, Instagram is also doing new experiments regarding Artificial Intelligence. Now a new leak has revealed that the company is going to bring a new AI tool for the convenience of its millions of users. This AI tool will work as message writing feature. According to the leaks report, this AI tool will do this through direct message i.e. DM.

It is being told that this AI tool will help users in rewriting the already written message, explaining it and making it attractive. Not only Instagram, Meta’s latest social media platform Threads has also started testing a post saving feature. With the help of this feature, users will be able to see their favorite messages later also.

At present, not much information has been received about this AI writing tool of Insta. It is believed that this AI writing tool will work like an AI text editor. With the help of this tool, users can change the font style. Along with this, you can also do the work of rewriting a message, summarizing the message, increasing the length of the text and also changing the tone and style structure.

Let us tell you that AI tool is already present on Instagram. Instagram’s AI can generate content in a different way. With its help, users will have to write “@Meta AI” after the message in the chat and then AI will respond to it. The upcoming AI tool is going to be of great help to millions of Instagram users.

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