Sam Altman liked this new gadget very much, said – ‘This is the second best technology’

By Sunil Tiwari February 12, 2024 11:22 AM IST

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Sam Altman liked Apple’s latest product.

Apple is among the companies making the world’s most premium tech gadgets. It manufactures many premium gadgets, from smartphone phones to wearable devices. Actually, people like all the gadgets of Apple very much and everyone wants to keep iPhone with them. However, this time a product of the company has greatly impressed Open AI CEO Sam Altman. He has also praised this product a lot. Let us tell you which gadget it is.

Actually, the Apple product that Sam Altman has liked is the recently launched Apple Vision Pro. Altman has been very impressed by Vision Pro and is a little surprised by its technology. He has praised this gadget a lot. Sam Altman said that Apple Vision Pro is the second most influential technology in the world.

Sam Altman has also made a post regarding this on his social media platform X. He wrote on the post that Apple Vision Pro is the second most impressive technology device in the world. He said that after Apple iPhone, the features of Vision Pro impressed him a lot.

Let us tell you that Apple has recently launched Vision Pro in the market. The company has also made it available for sale from February 1. Apple Vision Pro has made people crazy about different gadgets in the world of technology. Lakhs and crores of people were eagerly waiting for its sale. How much craze there is about this device among people, you can guess from the fact that more than 2 lakh units have been booked in pre-booking.

Sam Altman isn’t the only one who has praised the Apple Vision Pro. Before Altman, Nothing Company CEO Carl Pei had also posted about Apple Vision Pro. Praising Vision Pro, he wrote that Apple should be thanked for making it. He said that things like this lead to progress.

Let us tell you that the company has launched Apple Vision Pro for around $3,499. The company has created more than 10 lakh apps for this product. With the help of Vision Pro, you can enjoy the virtual world in the real world.

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