Sisters fought on the road in Gorakhpur, stools and chairs were thrown around, then they said – ‘Has anyone made a video?’

By Rishu Bhardwaj November 20, 2023 6:30 PM IST

Sisters fought on the road in Gorakhpur - India TV Hindi

Image Source : SCREENSHOT
Sisters fought on the road in Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur: Gorakhpur is considered a cultural city of Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath comes from here. The MP from here is Ravi Kishan. Gorakhnath temple has tremendous recognition in the city. Till now this city was based on old ideas. Now, like big cities, this city is also developing night life culture. But its dark effects have also started coming to the fore. One such video has surfaced.

In this viral video, it is seen that three girls had a fierce fight in the middle of the road while boating. The dispute that started with an altercation turned into a fight when one girl attacked the other girl. They started hitting him with chairs and stools. During this, both of them kept abusing each other. However, the third girl present with both of them also tried to rescue them. But, no one listened.

The boys did not stop the fight but made a video

Boys were also present there during this fight. None of the boys bothered to intervene or stop the fight going on between these girls. However, meanwhile, the shopkeepers present there, seeing their stools and chairs moving, snatched them from the girl’s hand. It is being told that this incident took place at a tea shop located at Naukavihar in Ramgarhtal, Gorakhpur. However, it is not yet known when this video is from.

Fight between three girls

According to Viral, three girls had gone boating with some boys. Everyone is sitting at a tea stall. Meanwhile, there was an argument between two girls over some issue. After which one of the girls started beating the other. Whatever stool or chair she got in her hands, she used it on her friend. Initially the boys present with him tried to save him. But when they saw the video being made, they also went aside.

Video going viral on social media

One girl is chasing another girl a long distance, abusing her and hitting her with a stool or chair placed there. Whereas, the voice of another girl is coming. ‘Haven’t you gone mad… call the police quickly… make a video of this’. In the viral video, it is heard that after the beating, a girl is asking whether someone has made a video?

Report – Raj Srivastava