Woman complained about delivery boy to Swiggy, took this necessary step after not getting satisfactory answer

By Rishu Bhardwaj February 8, 2024 1:55 PM IST

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The increasing technology in the country helps in making people’s lives easier. Like earlier people had no option to order food or other goods sitting at home. But many such apps have come with the help of which now we can order goods or food sitting at home and their delivery boy delivers the goods to our house. But sometimes this experience goes very bad because there are some delivery boys who start misbehaving with the customers. One such case has been shared by a woman on social media.

Delivery boy misbehaved

On social media platform X (earlier Twitter), a woman named Neha has shared the post from her account @Neha_ns9999. Tagging Swiggy in the post, she wrote, ‘I ordered some items from Swiggy which I did not receive. Your delivery boy is refusing to deliver the goods and saying that he does not have time. Do whatever you want, I will not bring orders.

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How did the woman get the refund?

In another tweet the woman told how she got her money refunded. The woman said in the tweet, ‘Earlier they (Swiggy) were not responding properly in the chatbox. So when I posted here, they called me. I have a recording of the call. I asked if they don’t take action then I will post it on social media. They immediately refunded my money.

The woman told how she got the refund

Image Source : SOCIAL MEDIA

The woman told how she got the refund

Swiggy tweeted

Swiggy also made a tweet in the comment section of this post. He wrote in his tweet, ‘Neha, hopefully the team has solved this problem over the phone. If you need us for anything, we’re here.’

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