Video of a person using mobile while lying on a moving bike went viral, people said – agree, otherwise Yamraj will remember you very soon

By Rishu Bhardwaj February 9, 2024 10:49 AM IST

A young man lying on a moving bike and playing phone.- India TV Hindi

Image Source : SOCIAL MEDIA
A young man lying on a moving bike and playing phone.

No matter how much action the traffic police takes against rule breakers, people never desist from their actions. Not only do they put their own lives at risk, they also roam around posing a threat to others. One such video is going viral on social media. In which a person is lying on a moving bike and is playing on the phone. He is also holding the handle of the bike with his feet.

The man was lying on the bike in the middle of the road while playing on the phone

In the video going viral, you can see that a person is lying on the bike and is riding the bike with his feet. As the video progresses, he narrowly avoids hitting a truck and then he touches the truck and overtakes it. The man is seen using his phone throughout the video. The video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram by a user named Mansor.

After watching the video, people gave instructions to the person

Till the time of writing the video, the video has been viewed by more than 3 million people and liked by 1.5 lakh people. Whereas many people are commenting on this video and calling such stunts fatal. One user wrote – This is called Khatron Ka Khiladi. Another user wrote – It is said that when they come to Badshah’s street and do not ask his address, they show the way to Khamu with their bowed heads. The third wrote- There is a separate platform for stunts. Vehicles moving on the road will either put their lives or your own in danger. He will go up without a ticket. Some people say that this is the hangover of PUBG. Actually dying is acceptable but not in the game.

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