Video: ‘I have become a big fish, today was the test of JCB’, Nagaland minister Temjen trapped in the pond, seen crawling

By Rishu Bhardwaj February 10, 2024 12:07 PM IST

Temjen Along badly trapped in the pond - India TV Hindi

Image Source : SOCIAL MEDIA
Temjen Along badly trapped in the pond

Videos of Nagaland Minister Temjen Along, who is popular on social media, often go viral. Minister Temjen, known for his witty style, is quite famous across the country, especially in the Hindi belt. Let us tell you that Temjen Imna Along is the Minister of Higher Education and Tribal Affairs of Nagaland and was elected MLA from Along Taki assembly constituency in the 2018 elections. At present, another video of the minister is again going viral on social media. After seeing which a smile will appear on your face.

Temjen Along trapped in pond

In the video going viral, it is seen that people are fishing in a pond. Temjen Along is also seen inside the pond. But he is not seen fishing but is seen crawling. Actually, they are stuck in the pond and are trying hard to get out. Due to his heavy body weight, he is not able to come out of the water even after a lot of hard work. Many people are engaged to help them out of the water. Somehow Temjen is taken out of the water. Temjen is never sad about his obesity, rather he is seen making fun of his obesity on social media.

Video went viral on social media

Temgen himself has shared this video on microblogging site X. While sharing the video, he has given a very special message to the people in the caption. He wrote in the caption – “Today was the test of JCB. Note: This is all about NCAP rating, do check the NCAP rating before buying the car. Because it is a matter of your life.” More than one lakh people have watched and liked this video of his. At the same time, many people have also commented on this video – One user commented and wrote – Oh Maharaj, where are you stuck? JCB was standing nearby. Had to use it. Wasted so much energy unnecessarily.

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