Valentines Day: All the fanfare around the world, proposed a girl in filmy style in front of the entire college, yet she refused and went away

By Rishu Bhardwaj February 10, 2024 2:22 PM IST

The boy proposed to the girl in a filmy style.- India TV Hindi

Image Source : SOCIAL MEDIA
The boy proposed the girl in a filmy style.

The month of love is going on. Valentine’s Day is coming. This month people remain immersed in the colors of love. On this day people express their love. Many people get their love and many people do not. Recently, a video of one such unfortunate boy is going viral on social media. In which a boy proposes a girl but the girl does not accept his love and she refuses and goes away.

Video of proposing to girl went viral

In this video going viral, you can see that a boy is proposing a girl in college. He has made a lot of preparations for this. With the help of his friends he wants to make this moment very special. First of all he gives the girl a bouquet of flowers in his hands and then he dances around her and tries to impress the girl. His friends are dancing with him in the background. At the same time, some of the boy’s friends standing above are showering flowers on the girl. Then the boy goes roaming around and comes with a poster in his hand and proposes to the girl. The boy had presented this proposal to the girl in a filmy style. On the other hand, to make this moment memorable, some of the boy’s friends are also recording videos. The boy and all his friends worked very hard to make the girl special. But when the boy proposed the girl, the girl refused him and went away from there.

People said – very bad happened to brother

Seeing this, everyone in the college is stunned. The boy’s mouth also remains open. The video is going viral on social media. This video has been shared on microblogging site X from a page named @RVCJ_FB. The video was viewed by three and a half lakh people and liked by 17 thousand people. At the same time, many people also commented on this video and said that very bad happened to the boy.

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