This two year old innocent child visits his mother’s grave every day, kisses her and says this softly, watch this emotional video

By Rishu Bhardwaj February 10, 2024 4:35 PM IST

Child kissing mother's grave - India TV Hindi

Image Source : SOCIAL MEDIA
child kissing mother’s grave

For a small child, his mother is his entire world. His small world revolves around his mother. At the same time, for a mother, her first love is her child. No matter how old a son grows, he always remains a child for his mother. It is very difficult for both of them to live without each other. But they say that no one can follow one’s intentions. Similarly, a video of a small child without a mother is going viral.

Child kisses mother’s grave

In the video a child is seen riding a bicycle. He reaches his mother’s graveyard by bicycle. The child is just two years old. This two-year old innocent child goes near his mother’s grave and says ‘Hi Mommy’. After this the child gets down from his bicycle and kisses his mother’s grave and then goes back on his bicycle. This video has been shared on Instagram by a woman named Lisa Marshall from a page named @adventureswithgrandmama. Lisa Marshall lost her daughter in the year 2022. Lisa is the grandmother of that little child. The baby’s name is Lochlann. While sharing the video, Lisa Marsal wrote in the caption – ‘Today we have brought him sunflowers and tulip flowers which will last as long as the fresh flowers of spring.’

People became emotional after watching the video

Lisa lives with her grandson Lochlan and has been raising him since Lisa’s daughter passed away. She keeps sharing her mischievous videos on her Instagram page. This video is also going viral on social media. This video was shared 7 days ago and till the time of writing this news, it has been viewed by more than 40 million people and liked by 25 lakh people. After watching this video, users looked quite emotional. Commenting, a user wrote – This is very sad, God give strength to the child. Another wrote- My heart started crying after watching this video. The third wrote – That child’s mother will always be with him. Till date I have never seen such a sad video.

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