The most dangerous plant in the world, people are forced to die as soon as they touch it.

By Rishu Bhardwaj February 10, 2024 5:44 PM IST

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This plant can kill you.

Till date you must have heard that trees give life to humans. If there are no trees, we will not be able to get oxygen. Many trees are used medicinally. Every tree and plant has its own special characteristics. But there are some trees and plants which are no less than poisonous for humans. They kill people directly. Today we are going to tell you about one such tree. Just touching it makes people think of dying.

This plant is found here

The name of this tree is Gympie and it is originally found in Australia. The leaves of this plant are heart shaped but they are not as cute in reality as they look. Touching these leaves can prove fatal. As soon as a person touches them, he feels so much pain that he starts begging for death. The pain felt after touching the leaf of this plant can last from a few hours to several months.


Image Source : SOCIAL MEDIA

This plant is very dangerous.

Thoughts of dying will come as soon as you touch it, there is no medicine even

This plant growing in Australia is also called suicide plant. Whose scientific name is Dendrocnide moroides. In common language it is called Gympi. The leaves of this plant have small thorns. If someone touches it, these thorns go inside his skin and they cause so much pain that the person is forced to die. The pain caused by this thorn lasts until these thorns are removed from your body. The biggest thing is that no medicine has been made yet to get relief from this pain. If these thorns enter someone’s skin, he will have to suffer pain. There is no cure for this. A plant named Gympi is not found in India. But a plant similar to this grows here also, the pain caused by touching it goes away within a few hours.

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