The boy was showing stunts while standing on the seat of the scooter, then see for yourself what happened in the video.

By Rishu Bhardwaj February 11, 2024 3:58 PM IST

Boy showing stunt.- India TV Hindi

Image Source : SOCIAL MEDIA
Boy showing stunt.

Thousands of people die every year due to road accidents in the country, yet people do not desist from doing stunts. So many accidents are happening yet their attitude has not changed. Recently, a video of a road accident is going viral on social media in which a boy is seen doing dangerous stunts while running and waving his bike on the road. In the video, the boy is first seen driving away the scooter and then he is seen doing a dangerous stunt by placing his feet above the seat. After some time, the boy performing dangerous stunts becomes victim of an accident.

Video went viral on social media

In the viral video, the boy is performing stunts with a very careless attitude. He removes both his hands from the handle and stands on the bike seat, waving his arms in the air. The bike starts swaying on the road without any control. Then due to loss of control, the bike goes away and falls and the young man falls on the road. However, the young man’s life narrowly escapes in this terrible accident.

Users got angry at the boy after watching the video

The video has been shared on Instagram by a user named Karan Bhardwaj. Till the time of writing this video, more than 12 million people have watched this video and 3 lakh people have liked it. At the same time, many people have also commented on this video. While commenting, a user wrote – Such people not only die themselves but also take two-three people along with them. Another wrote – Brother, improve yourself otherwise someday you will end up on the road. At the same time, many people are talking about taking action against the boy.

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