Why are red, green, blue, black marks formed on toothpaste? Do you know their meaning?

By Rishu Bhardwaj February 11, 2024 5:02 PM IST

Why do these marks occur?- India TV Hindi

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Why do these marks occur?

We use many things every day. But we often ignore small things. It is very important for us to know them. The reason behind these is also quite interesting. Now take only the toothpaste that you use in daily life. If you have noticed, there are many colored stripes at the bottom of the toothpaste tube. If you haven’t seen it then definitely check it today. You will see red, blue, green, black colored square boxes under the toothpaste tube. Have you ever wondered why these square marks are there? Why is there a special colored strip on the back of every tube?

So this is the logic behind the colors

You must have noticed that toothpaste sometimes has black, green, red and blue marks on it. Some of you may have seen this but may not know what these square boxes mean? Let us tell you today what is the meaning of these square boxes? These square marks help you in buying better toothpaste. So that your teeth always remain healthy. If you do not check the color before buying toothpaste, your teeth may get damaged instead of getting stronger. If you bought toothpaste and it has a black colored box, it means that a lot of chemicals have been used in making this paste.

The one with this color is considered to be the best paste.

If there are red marks on your toothpaste, then understand that this paste is mixed. That means, along with natural things, many types of chemicals have also been used in making it. If there is a blue mark on the toothpaste, it means that this paste contains medicines along with natural ingredients. If you see a green mark on the tube below the paste, then understand that it is the safest paste. Only natural ingredients have been used in making it.

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