Eiffel Tower was built with seven lakh matchsticks, due to a mistake Guinness Book refused to register the name

By Rishu Bhardwaj February 11, 2024 6:17 PM IST

The man built the Eiffel Tower.- India TV Hindi

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The man built the Eiffel Tower.

A man living in France worked hard for 8 years to fulfill his dream, but it did not take even 8 minutes for his 8 years of dream to be shattered. Let us tell you that the person had built ‘Eiffel Tower’ after working hard for 8 years. The man wanted his name to be recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records in exchange for the Eiffel Tower he had built. But due to one mistake of that person, his dream could not be fulfilled and the Guinness Book refused to accept it as a record.

Eiffel Tower built from matchsticks

The name of this man is Richard Plaud who built the Eiffel Tower by joining matchsticks for eight years. The height of this Eiffel Tower is 23.6 feet. According to BBC report, the person joined together more than 7 lakh matchsticks for this work but the book refused to accept this hard work as a record. Plaud also shared a post regarding this. In this post he wrote that his dream was broken. He further wrote that Guinness Book gave its decision without even seeing it. The Guinness Book told him that the matchsticks should be the ones available in the market. They cannot be broken or changed in such a way that they cease to look like matchsticks. Plaud also said that this is a moment of great disappointment for him. Plaud also used 23 kg of glue along with seven lakh matchsticks to build this Eiffel Tower. His Eiffel Tower was completed on 27th December last year.

The man missed with this one mistake

While making the Eiffel Tower, he felt that it would take a lot of time to remove the sulfur from the matchsticks, so he contacted a manufacturer and asked him to make matchsticks without sulphur. He also found such a matchbox. In which there was no burning part at the front. They made the same mistake because it is clearly written in the Guinness Book that a matchbox should look like a matchbox. Let us tell you that the record of building the Eiffel Tower from 6 lakh matchsticks is held in the name of Lebanon’s Taufik Dahar.

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