Even educated people should feel shy after hearing the English of rickshaw puller, video of him talking to foreign people in English went viral

By Rishu Bhardwaj February 12, 2024 8:50 AM IST

Rickshaw puller talking to foreign tourists in English.  - India TV Hindi

Image Source : SOCIAL MEDIA
Rickshaw puller talking to foreign tourists in English.

You must have often seen that people working at tourist places start talking in the language of foreigners. They get into the habit of talking to them every day. Many people even have a strong command of different languages. These people do not go anywhere to take foreign language classes. Whatever they learn, they learn from their experience. Recently, a video of one such rickshaw puller is going viral on social media in which he is seen talking to foreign tourists in English.

Rickshaw puller’s talent shown in viral video

In the viral video, the rickshaw puller is taking tourists to visit Jama Masjid and along with him he is telling about Jama Masjid. He says – “This mosque is the biggest mosque of India. There are narrow streets near the mosque. If you want to take photos of those places or buy something, then you can stop me, there is no problem. So let’s go first. Let’s go to the spice market where the best spices of Asia are available. You roam that street on foot, take photos and I will follow you slowly in my rickshaw.” After this the rickshaw puller asks those foreign tourists, are you able to understand me? In response the foreign couple says yes. Then the boy making the video thanks the rickshaw puller and asks those foreign tourists where are you from? They tell that they are from Britain. Then the rickshaw puller takes them away from there.

People praised the rickshaw puller’s English.

The video has been shared on Instagram from a page named your_daily_guide99. Till the time of writing this news, crores of people have seen it and 36 lakh people have liked it. It is written in the title of the video – Educated Rickshawala. At the same time, many people praised the rickshaw puller a lot after hearing his English. While commenting, a user wrote – At least one like is made for the rickshaw puller. Another said- Even Pakistani cricketers don’t know that much English. Another user commented in a poetic style and wrote – The method seemed common, ‘but aankhen me guman laga’, the part seemed frank, “but the tone felt like life.”

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