Girl pushed her friend off the bridge, fell 60 feet into the river flowing below, watch this dangerous video

By Rishu Bhardwaj February 12, 2024 1:23 PM IST

The girl pushed her friend.- India TV Hindi

Image Source : SOCIAL MEDIA
The girl pushed her friend.

Joking and fun goes on in friendship. Sometimes people also do pranks in the name of fun. No matter how you are living together, never shy away from helping each other. Whenever there is a need, friends always pull you out of difficulties. But have you ever seen a friend push another friend into trouble? But a girl did exactly the same with her friend. Whose video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. The video is quite shocking and heartbreaking.

pushed friend from height

It is clearly visible in the video that a girl pushed her friend from the bridge into the river flowing 60 feet below. Thankfully, there was a river flowing below and there was no land or stones, otherwise a big accident could have happened. The girl’s life was saved but the girl who pushed her had to go to jail. This video going viral has been shared on social media platform X with an account named @PicturesFoIder.

This matter is 5 years old

Although this matter is 5 years old, it is going viral on social media. According to the report of CNBC News, this incident happened in Washington in the year 2019. At that time, 19-year-old Taylor Smith had pushed her 17-year-old friend Jordan Holgerson off a high bridge. In this accident, six of Jordan’s ribs were broken and his lungs were also punctured. For which the court sentenced Taylor Smith to two days in jail and also imposed a fine of $300 on him. Apart from this, she cannot meet Jordan for the next 2 years, this was ordered by the court. The biggest thing in this incident was that after pushing her friend, Taylor did not even go down to see her and she ran away from there.

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