Pandit ji was giving the vows, then the groom said such a thing that there was applause, the video also went viral.

By Rishu Bhardwaj February 12, 2024 6:01 PM IST

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Every day many videos go viral on social media. Sometimes videos of people dancing go viral and sometimes videos of people doing strange things go viral on social media. But have you ever seen the video of the groom giving his vows going viral? A similar video is currently going viral on social media. Let us tell you what the groom said in the video during the vows that the video is going viral.

The groom won people’s hearts with his words

In the video going viral on micro blogging platform X (earlier Twitter), Pandit ji is telling the groom the promises asked by the bride. Meanwhile, Pandit ji asks the groom that, if in any emergency the wife needs to go to her home and her husband is not at home at that time, then she can go without asking. On this the groom refuses and then completes his statement by saying, ‘No matter how important the work is for me at that time, I will set it on fire and come along.’ On hearing this from the groom, people become happy and start clapping.

Watch viral video here

What did people say?

This video has been shared on X (formerly Twitter) by a page named @HasnaZaruriHai. The caption accompanying the video reads, ‘The groom took this promise of marriage to his heart.’ Till the time of writing the news, 1 lakh 14 thousand people have watched the video. After watching the video, a user jokingly wrote – Is this the girl’s demand or Pandit Jeet’s demand? Another user wrote – Don’t take it so personal. Another user wrote – These are the words that are taken seriously, people take them lightly and take random people seriously.

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