It’s the height of! Customer did not get off even after petrol ran out, Rapido driver had to pull the scooter again, Video Viral

By Rishu Bhardwaj February 12, 2024 7:00 PM IST

Screenshot of viral video- India TV Hindi

Image Source : SOCIAL MEDIA
screenshot of viral video

Many videos go viral every day on social media. But sometimes some such videos go viral, after watching which people are forced to think and a question arises in their mind that do such people also exist in this society? One such video is going viral on social media of Telangana. Let us tell you what is seen in this viral video?

What was seen in the video?

In the video going viral on micro blogging platform X (formerly Twitter), you can see that a person is sitting on a scooter carrying his bag. The other person is pulling the scooter and taking it forward. During this time many people are seen leaving from there but no one is helping him. Not only this, the person sitting on the scooter is also not seen getting down from the scooter. This video is being shared a lot on social media. Along with this, it is being claimed that the scooter has run out of petrol and the Rapido driver has to tow the scooter.

Watch viral video here

This video is being shared widely on different platforms of social media. After watching the video, people are reacting in different ways. One user wrote – This is what happens when your heart is in place of your brain and your mind is in place of your heart, heartless people. Another user wrote – Rapido and all other companies should ban this man, and also need to check whether this man has any problem in walking. While one user wrote – We should not reach conclusions so quickly, did anyone talk to the customer or the rider?

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