When the man asked for rickshaw fare, the girl got angry, after that she behaved like this, see Viral Video

By Rishu Bhardwaj February 13, 2024 5:59 PM IST

Girl arguing with rickshaw driver - India TV Hindi

Image Source : SOCIAL MEDIA
Girl arguing with rickshaw puller

Even today, there are many people in this society who discriminate in work. Some people believe that jobs like driving a rickshaw, lifting luggage are small and the people doing them are also small. Because of this thinking, such people talk rudely to them and vent out their anger on them. You must have seen and heard many such cases. A video of a similar case is going viral on social media recently. Let us tell you what is seen in this video.

Girl gets angry after demanding full fare

In the video going viral on social media, you can see that a girl angrily gives money to the rickshaw driver and says, ‘If you are an auto driver, live like an auto driver.’ In response, the person says that if I am an auto driver, I will not ask for fare. After this, the other girl present there says that you should ask for it properly. After this the girl says something else but her voice is not heard properly. But after listening to the rickshaw driver, it is understood that the girl had said to pay the money later. In response to this, the person says that if he asks to give it later, the owner will agree later. If you pay attention during this time, you will see the girl hitting the rickshaw puller with her purse and hand every now and then.

Watch viral video here

This video has been shared on Instagram by a page named gharkekaleshh. While sharing the video, it has been informed that due to not paying the full fare for the rickshaw, there was an argument between the girl from Nagaland and the rickshaw driver from Bihar. Till the time of writing the news, 1 lakh 18 thousand people have watched the video.

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