Australia angry at China, know why Australian PM Albanese criticized ‘Dragon’?

By Pooja Bhardwaj November 20, 2023 5:45 PM IST

Australian PM Albanese criticizes 'Dragon' - India TV Hindi

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Australian PM Albanese criticized ‘Dragon’

Australia on China: There is often a dispute between Australia and China regarding Chinese dominance in the Pacific Ocean. Australia has often expressed objection to China’s ‘obstinate’ stance. Meanwhile, Australia’s PM Anthony Albanese has criticized a similar case of China’s ‘handiwork’.

China criticized for this reason

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Monday criticized China over the ‘dangerous’ encounter between a Chinese and Australian warship. However, he did not say whether he had raised this issue with Chinese President Xi Jinping during his recent conversation with him or not. He said an Australian diver was injured last Tuesday when a Chinese destroyer used a sonar system near an Australian warship in international waters.

Defense Minister Richard Marles said Saturday he had raised serious concerns with Beijing about the destroyer’s unsafe and unprofessional behavior. Between the encounter and Marles’ statement, Albanese spoke to Xi on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific leaders’ summit in San Francisco.

Know what Albanese said?

Albanese said on Monday that his discussions with Xi were private rather than a formal bilateral meeting. “I don’t talk about individual meetings, discussions I have with any world leader,” Albanese told Sky News in his Parliament House office. “This is something that is a regrettable incident,” Albanese said. That is why we have put forward our strong objections to China very clearly and directly through all appropriate contacts on all forums available to us.

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