Will the war between Israel and Hamas stop or continue? Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu made this big announcement

By Pooja Bhardwaj February 8, 2024 7:35 AM IST

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu- India TV Hindi

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Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel Hamas War: The war continues between Israel and Hamas. Many efforts have been made to stop this war. Recently, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken once again visited the Middle East, which made it seem that this time some important steps will be taken towards stopping the war. But Israel’s Prime Minister has once again sabotaged peace efforts by denying any such possibility. The deep wound of October 7 still haunts Israel. Therefore attacks continue in Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has rejected Hamas’ ceasefire conditions.

According to information received, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday rejected Hamas’s conditions for a ceasefire and agreement to release hostages. Netanyahu described the terms as ‘illusory’ and said the war would continue until Hamas’ control of Gaza is ended. He said that the war against Hamas will not stop until complete victory is achieved.

Netanyahu met US Secretary of State Blinken

Netanyahu made this comment soon after meeting US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Blinken is traveling to the region in hopes of brokering a ceasefire agreement. “Surrendering to Hamas’s delusional demands will not free the hostages, but will instead invite another genocide,” Netanyahu said at a news conference. He said, ‘We are moving towards victory completely.’

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