Till date no Prime Minister in Pakistan has been able to complete his tenure of 5 years, know who remained in power for how many days?

By Pooja Bhardwaj February 8, 2024 12:37 PM IST

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No PM in Pakistan could complete 5 years

Pakistan election 2024: During the tenure of the interim government of Pakistan’s Anwar Ul Haq Kakkar, the Election Commission announced to hold elections on 8 February. The election process is continuing today. In fact, ever since Pakistan became independent, no Prime Minister has been able to complete his five years in office. Be it the first PM Liaquat Ali Khan, Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif or Imran Khan. No government in Pakistan has been able to complete its full tenure of 5 years. The entire country is living under the shadow of Pakistan Army since independence till today. Know which Prime Minister remained in power for how many days?

In Pakistan, Shahbaz Sharif formed his own government by overthrowing Imran Khan’s government which lasted for three years and 228 days. The rest of the time the government was running and elections were announced. After this, Kakar’s interim government was running Pakistan. Till date, no PM has completed his 5-year tenure. Some Prime Ministers were defeated in the House and some were removed by the Army.

total stay in pakistan so many pm

There have been a total of 32 Prime Ministers in Pakistan till date including Shahbaz Sharif. Of these, 8 Prime Ministers were caretakers. But no one has been able to complete his five years. The main reason for this has been the army’s interference in power. The army made whomever it wanted as PM and removed whomever it wanted from the post of PM.

The tenure of the first PM was 4 years 63 days.

Liaquat Ali Khan became the first Prime Minister of Pakistan on 14 August 1947. He was shot dead after 4 years and 63 days. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was one of the most popular Prime Ministers of Pakistan. After 3 years and 325 days, he was hanged on charges of army mutiny.

Benazir ruled the government for only 1 year and 247 days in 1988.

In 1988, Benazir Bhutto became the first woman Prime Minister of Pakistan. She remained PM for only 1 year and 247 days. Then Benazir’s government fell by 12 votes. Pakistan Muslim League leader Nawaz Sharif replaced him in November 1990, but due to political turmoil he could last only 2 years and 254 days.

Benazir became PM again in 1993, not completed 5 years

Benazir Bhutto became the Prime Minister in the elections held in October 1993 but this time she could last only three years and 17 days. After this the President dismissed her government. Nawaz Sharif was returned with full majority in February 1997. This time his government lasted only 2 years and 237 days. Army Chief General Musharraf overturned Sharif.

No PM could survive during the era of General Musharraf

After this, General Musharraf ruled Pakistan. Sometimes under martial law and sometimes wearing the robes of the President, he remained the head of power. Even during Musharraf’s era, no Prime Minister could survive. Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali remained PM for one year and 216 days. Chaudhary Shujaat Hussain stayed for 57 days. Shaukat Aziz remained Prime Minister for 3 years and 79 days.

Yusuf Raza Gilani remained PM for the longest period

When elections were held again, Yousuf Raza Gilani became the Prime Minister, in whose name there is a record of being the Prime Minister for the maximum number of days – 4 years and 86 days. Geelani also could not complete five years. Raja Parvez Ashraf, who came after him, could stay on the throne only for 275 days.

Nawaz Sharif returns in 2013, corruption takes over his throne

Nawaz Sharif returned again in 2013, but this time things got complicated in the Panama Papers leak and he lost his chair in 4 years and 53 days. The remaining period was completed by Syed Kakhan Ansari. That means, in the last 30 years, Pakistan has seen 12 Prime Ministers. The post of PM in Pakistan is actually like a panauti. The army has its dominance here. Not being able to complete 5 years on the post of Prime Minister is unfortunate for Pakistan’s democracy.

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