India’s big diplomatic victory in the Indian Ocean, big port found in Oman, China and Pakistan will be shocked

By Pooja Bhardwaj February 8, 2024 3:50 PM IST

India's big diplomatic victory, gets big port in Oman - India TV Hindi

Image Source: AP
Big diplomatic victory for India, got big port in Oman

Oman Port: Chinese spy ships are roaming in the Indian Ocean. India has many times expressed strong objection to the presence of these spy ships. After Sri Lanka’s Hambantota, India has got a major diplomatic success in the Indian Ocean amid reports of presence of spy ships in Maldives. India has got direct access to a strategically important port in Oman. This is expected to greatly facilitate trade through the Persian Gulf.

The command of Duqm port has been handed over to India less than two months after the visit of Sultan Haitham bin Tariq of Oman to New Delhi. Duqm port is strategically important. This will help in enhancing India’s role in the western and southern Indian Ocean region. The move could also enhance the Indian Navy’s role amid the ongoing crisis in the Red Sea and western Indian Ocean region.

How important is this port for India?

Duqm Port is located in a perpendicular direction from Mumbai to the west. In such a situation, India can easily transport its goods to Saudi Arabia and beyond by land route through Oman’s Duqm port. With this, attacks by Houthi rebels in the Gulf of Aden and areas adjacent to the Red Sea will also be dealt with.

How will India benefit?

Oman’s Duqm port will provide a logistics base for India in the field of maritime cooperation. It would also enhance India’s role as a first responder in humanitarian aid and disaster relief, people familiar with the matter said. The port is easily accessible to shipping lines supplying the Indian and African markets. Access to the port holds strategic advantages for India as it allows bypassing the Gulf, the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea.

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