Iranian man held people hostage in Swiss train, shot dead by police

By Pooja Bhardwaj February 9, 2024 11:38 PM IST

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Image Source: AP
An Iranian man had taken 15 people hostage in a Swiss train.

Assert-sous-Champvert: An Iranian man held several people hostage in a train in the western region of Switzerland. He used an ax and a knife to overpower the people and held them hostage for several hours. Seeing all the efforts to save the people failing, the police lost their patience and shot the Iranian citizen. According to reports, no passenger traveling in the train was injured in this breath-taking incident.

‘The Iranian man was speaking Persian and English’

Giving information about this entire matter, the police said that a 32-year-old Iranian man was trying to take refuge in Switzerland. He said that no passenger of the train was injured in this incident. The man took some people aboard the train hostage on Thursday evening and after being informed by passengers, police sealed off the area while the train was stopped in the town of Assert-sous-Champvert, police said on Friday. This man of Iranian origin was speaking Persian and English and he was also asking the train engineer to join the 15 hostages.

Police used stun grenade in train

The police first tried to resolve the matter through talks and also took the help of an interpreter, but things did not work out. About 4 hours after the start of this entire episode, 60 police personnel attacked the train. According to reports, police used a stun grenade inside the train, and the man was shot when he tried to attack the soldiers. “All hostages have been freed and are safe,” police said in a statement. An Iranian citizen who tried to take people hostage has been killed in this operation.

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