Hungary President stuck in forgiving convict sentence in children physical abuse

By Pooja Bhardwaj February 11, 2024 2:30 PM IST

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Budapest: Hungary’s President Katalin Novak has found it difficult to pardon the convict convicted of child sexual abuse. There has been a huge public outcry against President Catalin Novak, who has been criticized for this matter. Due to this, he apologized to the people for his mistake and Novak resigned from his post on Saturday. Novak, 46, said in a televised message that she would resign from the presidency. She was holding the responsibility of this post from 2022. Novak had in April 2023 waived his sentence for concealing evidence related to a child sexual abuse case at a government children’s shelter.

The allegation proved against the accused was that he was pressurizing the victims to withdraw the allegations of sexual harassment leveled against the director of the shelter. In this case, the convict was sentenced to more than three years of imprisonment for the crime of trying to conceal evidence. After Novak’s decision to pardon the convict was revealed, it was widely criticized across the country. Novak resigned as president a week after this decision was revealed.

Novak said- I made a mistake

“I made a mistake,” Novak said Saturday, apologizing for the decision to pardon the convict. “I apologize to the people I hurt, and I’m sorry to those victims as well.” I apologize to those who may have felt that I was not standing up for them.” Novak said, ”I am addressing you today for the last time as the head of the nation. I resign from the post of President of the country.” Novak was the first woman and youngest President of Hungary. (AP)

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