China’s empire will end, America gets ‘big treasure’ worth 2 billion tons, India also benefits

By Pooja Bhardwaj February 12, 2024 3:04 PM IST

China's empire will end, America gets 'big treasure' worth 2 billion tons - India TV Hindi

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China’s empire will end, America gets ‘big treasure’ worth 2 billion tons

America-China: The war for supremacy between America and China is well known. In such a situation, tension between America and China is common. Be it the South China Sea, or America’s opposition to China’s policy on Taiwan. The world is also watching business competition. In the midst of such tension with China, America has got hold of such a ‘treasure’ which can lead to the loss of China’s sovereignty. India can also benefit from the ‘treasure’ that has been found. In fact, billions of dollars worth of treasure has fallen into the hands of America.

According to the information, America has found 2.34 billion metric tons of rare earth minerals in Wyoming. Analysts say that after this discovery, America may soon leave China behind in the matter of rare earth minerals. American Rare Earth Inc. has announced that this new reserve will surpass China’s reserves of 44 million metric tons. Analysts said that this reserve is much bigger than they had ever seen even in their dreams. That too when they have drilled only 25 percent of the area.

After mining, America can become the ‘king’ in this matter.

This company has mining rights at 367 places in the Halleck Creek Project. Apart from this, Wyoming has mining rights at 4 places in an area of ​​1844 acres. This 2 billion tons of rare earth minerals can make America the king in terms of these precious minerals. Rare earth minerals are used in everything from smartphones to hybrid cars and aircraft and light bulbs and lamps. It is found in very few countries on earth and at present 95 percent of the rare earth material in the world comes from China. For this reason he has complete dominance over it. Weapons are also made from it.

India can also benefit from this big discovery

This discovery can also be of great benefit to India, which is currently negotiating with America for minerals like rare earth and lithium. India, along with democratic countries, is engaged in tackling China’s monopoly. Often, to get its point across, China keeps threatening to stop the supply of rare earths in the world. Now America’s rare earth company is busy breaking China’s record. This American company started its first excavation in March 2023. He estimates that 12 lakh metric tons of rare earth has been found in Wyoming. However, more excavation is still going on.

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