Official results of elections came in Pakistan after three days, many countries accused of rigging

By Pooja Bhardwaj February 12, 2024 6:16 PM IST

Official result of elections in Pakistan came after three days - India TV Hindi

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Official result of elections in Pakistan came after three days

Pakistan Election Result: There is an uproar in Pakistan regarding the election results. Only after three days the Election Commission of Pakistan has released the complete results. The elections were held on 8 February. The unusual delay in announcing results in Pakistan has led to allegations of vote counting rigging. After this, its results surprised the political parties. No party has been able to get majority in the recent elections held in Pakistan. Although Imran Khan’s party contested the elections as an independent candidate, most of the candidates were Imran supporters. Nawaz Sharif’s party PMN-L emerged as the second largest party. He had to be satisfied with 75 seats. Now the politics of manipulation has started. Know which party has officially got how many seats in the provincial election results and National Assembly election results released by the Election Commission.

These are the results of the National Assembly

Independent candidates won 101 seats in the National Assembly. PML-N led by former PM Nawaz Sharif got 75 seats and PPP got 54, MQM-P got 17 seats. Among other parties, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam secured four seats. PML-Quaid won three seats and Istehkaam-e-Pakistan Party and Balochistan National Party won two seats each. It is noteworthy that to form the government in Pakistan, any party will have to win 133 out of 265 seats in the National Assembly.

How much voting took place in the elections?

About 6,05,08,212 votes were cast across the country in the 2024 general elections held on 265 seats of the National Assembly. 87,23,226 people cast their votes for 44 National Assembly seats in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the turnout was 81 percent. In Islamabad, 5,87,170 votes were cast for three National Assembly seats and the turnout was 54.2 percent. In Punjab, 3,71,04,469 votes were cast for 139 National Assembly seats and the voting percentage was 51.6 percent. Whereas in Balochistan, 23,02,522 votes were cast for 16 seats of National Assembly. The voting percentage was 42.9 percent.

This was the situation in the provincial elections

Voting took place in 854 national and provincial assembly constituencies. According to preliminary results, 348 independent candidates won from these seats. The special thing is that all the independent candidates had the support of Imran Khan’s party PTI. Among the political parties, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz emerged as the largest party by winning 227 seats. After that Pakistan Peoples Party stood second with 160 seats. Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) stood third with 45 seats.

Many countries raised questions regarding the elections

Regarding the election, many countries including America, Britain and the United Nations itself have raised questions on its validity. These countries accused the country of violating the right to freedom of election expression by suspending mobile phone services on the election day. However, Pakistan continued to argue that its elections were conducted as per rules.

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