European countries started avoiding Israel, Netherlands court told the government to stop the supply of fighter jet parts.

By Pooja Bhardwaj February 13, 2024 12:31 PM IST

European countries started avoiding Israel - India TV Hindi

Image Source: AP
European countries started avoiding Israel

Israeli Hamas War: The conflict between Israel and Hamas has become more dangerous. Especially Israel is continuously attacking Hamas. Meanwhile, due to the horrific massacre in Gaza, European countries have also started avoiding Israel. A court in the European country Netherlands ordered the Netherlands government to stop the delivery of parts for the F-35 fighter jet used by Israel amid reports of Israel’s heavy bombardment on the Gaza Strip and the death of a large number of people.

According to media reports, the Dutch court said in its decision that there is a clear danger that the parts that the Netherlands is selling to Israel are being used in serious violation of international humanitarian law. The court said that there is a possibility that Israel is using its F-35 in attacks on Gaza, causing civilian casualties.

Dutch government will appeal in the Supreme Court

However, in response to Monday’s ruling, the Dutch government said it would appeal the order to the Supreme Court, arguing that weapons parts would be delivered to Israel’s territory in a manner that protects itself from threats from, for example, Iran, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon. were important to save.

According to the report, the decision came after Amnesty International and Oxfam appealed against the lower court’s decision last year. It rejected their argument that the supply of spares allegedly contributed to Israel’s widespread and serious violations of humanitarian law in Gaza.

Human rights organizations accused the government

Here, human rights organizations have accused the government of engaging in war crimes by holding up the delivery. A court dismissed the case in December. It said the government has a considerable degree of freedom in weighing political and policy issues on arms exports. However, the court rejected the appeal, stating that political and economic concerns did not outweigh the obvious risk of violating the laws of war.

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